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India. Whoever governs there will be the true sovereign of the
world. Consequently excite continual wars, not only in Turkey,
but in Persia. Establish dockyards on the Bkck Sea, seize
upon little pieces near this sea as well as on the Baltic, which*
is doubly necessary for the attainment of our project. And in
the decadence of Persia, penetrate as far as the Persian Gulf,
re-establish if it be possible the ancient commerce with the
Levant, advance as far as India, which is the depot of the world.
Arrived at this point, we shall have no longer need of England's
X. To endeavour to maintain with care the alliance with the
house of Austria, appear to support her in her policy of future
domination in Germany, and foster below the surface the jealousy
of the princes. Endeavour to induce her to demand the assistance
of Russia by one means or another, and to exercise over the
country a species of protection which may prepare for future
XL To interest the house of Austria in driving the Turk out
of Europe, to neutralize her jealousies at the moment of the
conquest of Constantinople, either by exciting her to war with
the great Powers of Europe, or by giving her a portion of the
conquest, which we will retake from her at a later period.
XII.  To endeavour to reunite around us all the disunited and
schismatic Greeks who are scattered over Hungary or Turkey or
the middle of Poland, to be their centre, their support, to establish
in advance an universal predominance by means  of a kind of
automatic or sacerdotal supremacy as a friend to each enemy.
XIII.  Sweden being dismembered, Persia subjugated, Poland
crushed, Turkey conquered, our army reunited, the Black Sea and
Baltic guarded by our ships, we must then propose separately,
and very secretly, first to the Court of Versailles, then to that
of Vienna, to share with them the empire of the universe.     If
one of the two accept, which is nearly certain, by flattering her
ambition and national vanity, to make use of her for crushing
the other.     Finally, to annihilate in  her turn the one which
remains, by commencing a struggle which cannot be perilous,
Russia possessing already all the Eastern or greater portion of
XIV.   If (which is not impossible) each of these powers should
refuse the project of Russia, we must know how to excite them to
quarrel one with the other, and so act that they may enfeeble
themselves through each other.    Then, taking advantage of the
decisive moment, Russia must advance her troops, now reunited,
on Germany, at the same time send two considerable fleets, one
starting from the sea of Azof and the other from Archangel with
Asiatic troops ;   through the  assistance of these armed   fleets,
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